Repurposed Crocheted Milk Jug Baskets Repurposed Crocheted Milk Jug Baskets
Materials Used assorted worsted weight yarn; sparkly or solid
Hook Size  G
Notes Costco milk jugs are very tall and make very good containers. I've also used old vinegar containers and Sunny Delight bottles. These are great for giving as gift baskets. You can put food gifts, other gifts inside and give the whole container away. My mom made a whole bunch and their church is using them to give gifts away at their food bank this year.

Clean the milk jug thoroughly. Remove the tags. They will come off with Goo Gone or Lighter Fluid. You can also fill the milk jug with hot water over the label and peel them off. Use acetone fingernail remover to take off writing off the milk jug (the expiration dates). Cut off the top with scissors or a knife. Use a lighter to slightly melt the sharp edge so it won't cut the yarn or anything. Take a hole punch (standard size) and punch evenly spaced holes around the milk jug.

Round 1: Attach yarn with sl st to the milk jug, sc in each hole punch around the milk jug; sl st tog. (How many sc - depends on how many holes there are. Some holes if you make them farther apart then you might put more sc stitches)

Round 2: Ch 3, dc in same st and dc in each sc around, sl st tog.

Round 3: Ch 3, skip backwards and dc in the st to the right. Working the right way, *skip 1st, dc and then cross back and dc in skipped st. (crossed dc) Continue all the way around, sl st tog.

Round 4: Ch 2, hdc in each st, evenly skip 10 stitches for the handle on each side, finish hdc and sl st tog. This still depends on how many stitches and holes you made at the beginning.

Round 5: edging: Ch 1, sc in each st- at handles (the skipped sts) work 12 sc around the 10 ch from previous round. Do this to both side. Then finish sc around and sl st tog.

© January 15, 2015  Christina Budd

This is my written pattern; please use it for personal use only. You may make the item and sell them, but pattern remains property of Christina Budd. And if you sell the finished product, please link back to and give credit to this the original pattern.


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