Package Ribbon Rose

Materials used 1 roll of Nylon Ribbon 2 1/2" wide by 12 ft long (most of my ribbon is from JoAnn's or Walmart)
Hook Q

I have extra ribbon from other projects and wanted to use it up.  I love having my Christmas presents have homemade bows, roses and cards on it.  It shows people that I made everything for them.

Make a slip knot. Ch 3, sl st tog to make a ring. (Warning: you will get glitter on your clothes as you do this)

Ch 3, 6 dc in the ring, sl st tog.  You will be at the end of your ribbon.  Tuck ends into the middle.  Turn rose so that the last sl st is at the bottom.  The rose will automatically pull up.  Glue Fun Fur or other type of novelty yarn into the center of the rose.  I used a hot glue gun to do this.  I cut 1 1/2" of double sided mounting tape.  I glued one end of the mounting tape to the rose and the paper end out.  I will peel the paper off when I wrap a present and put it on.

I just buy the mounting tape in the hardware section of Walmart.  It has a green paper backing on it.

© September 19, 2006 Christina Budd

This is my written pattern; please use it for personal use only. You may make the item and sell them, but pattern remains property of Christina Budd. And if you sell the finished product, please link back to and give credit to this the original pattern.


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