Repurposed Pillows Dog BedI used 2 old pillows to make this dog bed for my dogs. I needed a dog bed at my parents house, because my sons moved we are staying with them a lot now. So my dogs needed a bed down at their house. The white side is actually light pink but shows up white in pictures and it's cotton. The pink side is minky fabric. I cut 2 rectangles and sewed 3 sides. I left one side open to put the pillows in. Oh I also tacked the pillows together on the long side. I did this by hand because I didn't think the pillows would go around the sewing machine and my skills aren't that good to do it. After putting the pillows in, I finished sewing the one end. As you can see, one of my dogs, Kailey already loves it.

Repurposed Pillows Dog Bed




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