Dress Towel Topper

Dress Towel Topper Pattern

This is one of my favorite patterns. This pattern came from my grandmother. She has passed it down.  This is a special towel topper that I knew needed to be included on this website.  It has taken work to transpose grandma's chicken scratches. 

G or H hook depending on how tight you crochet
Working from top to bottom of dress. Handle is done separately and is just however thick you want it. I think I used 5 chs across and just sc until however long you want it to be.  You make a buttonhole at the end.  This can be done by making 4 chs and sl st to the beginning sc of that row.

Ch 33, sl st tog to make a circle. (Sometimes depending on which hook and how tight you crochet- you might want to decrease this to 28)

Round 1: Ch 3 then 42 dc in the circle around the chain, sl st tog.

Round 2: Ch 4, Then tr all around in each dc and sl st tog.

Round 3: Make shell in the first tr (2 DC-CH2-2DC)(the first dc of the first shell in a rnd is ch 3), skip 3 tr then make another shell, skip 3 tr, continue all around, sl st tog. (14 shells around total)

Round 4: Shell in next 2 shell ch sp of rnd 3.  Skip the next 3 shells of rnd 3 and shell in the next 4 shell ch sp.  Skip the next 3 shells of rnd 3 and shell in the next 2 shell ch sp. Join with a sl st.  Sleeves are now made. (sleeves are the 3 skipped shells of rnd 3)

Round 5 and 6: Lower part of dress: 2 complete rounds of shells, joining with a sl st after each round. 

Round 7 and 8: Sc in back loops only around the shells of Round 6.  (This can be varied to how you want it to look) Joyce used 1 row of sc.  I used 2 rows of sc.  However long you want it or how you want it to look.

Fasten off and weave in ends.  You can make this two colors by doing the first 2 rounds in a one color and the rest in another color.  Sew a button on the front of the dress.

Then with a basting thread gather the top of a folded towel or half of towel (like the picture) to fit the dress topper.  Hand stitch the topper to the dish towel. 

January 31, 2006 Christina Budd
This is my pattern, please use for personal use only. Do not post to any website! You may make the item and sell it. But do not sell the pattern for any reason.

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